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Puzzle Dimension Mac screenshots

Doctor Entertainment AB, a Swedish independent game developer, releases screenshots for the upcoming August 25th Mac release of Puzzle Dimension. The game will be available on Steam for the price of $9.99 / £6.99 / €9.99.

Puzzle Dimension is a 3D high-end puzzle game which was released earlier this summer for PC. The player is invited to 100 unique labyrinth-like structures. In Puzzle Dimension gravity depends on your movement, up and down are relative terms. Classic game play elements such as fire, ice, spikes, buttons and hidden sections give the player a diverse range of problems and satisfying eureka moments. The abstract game world is visualized by the in-house engine which allows the audiovisuals to blend depending on the player's progress. When the player moves the retro inspired pixelblocks explodes revealing high end graphics.

The conversion to Mac has been very smooth. Graphics code which is commonly regarded as the most complicated part to convert has been very easy to convert thanks to our platform independent shader graphs. These are automatically translated to either DirectX or OpenGL shaders without any intervention from programmers.

Doctor Entertainment is happy to release high definition in-game screenshots (2560x1440) taken from a 27'' iMac.

About Doctor Entertainment

Doctor Entertainment AB was founded in May 2009 by developer veterans Jesper Rudberg and Anders Pistol. Together they have over 20 years of game development experience from companies like Starbreeze Studios and EA/Dice where they worked on several multimillion selling AAA games.

Doctor Entertainment is an independent games studio located in Uppsala, Sweden. They develop and publish their own IP:s via digital distribution. Puzzle Dimension is the studio's first game.


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