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What is Puzzle Dimension?

Puzzle Dimension is a 3D puzzle game. Currently available for PlayStation3, PC and Mac.

Where can I buy Puzzle Dimension?

From Steam, Mac App Store or PlayStation Network.

How much does the game cost?

 $9.99/€9.99 $2.99/€2.49

Is there a demo for Puzzle Dimension?

Yes. There for the PC version via Steam.

Who made Puzzle Dimension?

Doctor Entertainment AB developed and published Puzzle Dimension. Doctor Entertainment AB is a new indie studio located in Uppsala, Sweden. The founders Jesper Rudberg and Anders Pistol have worked on many AAA games such as Battlefield, Chronicles of Riddick and The Darkness. Complete credits for Puzzle Dimension can be found here.

Puzzle Dimension reminds me of Kula World for PlayStation. Are both games made by the same developer?

No different companies but Jesper Rudberg who designed Puzzle Dimension co-founded Game Design Sweden AB, the developer of Kula World/Roll Away/Kula Quest.

Why did you make Puzzle Dimension?

There are two reasons. First, we wanted to make a small game as Doctor Entertainments first game. Second, there have been people asking for a puzzle game like Kula World for modern hardware.

Will Puzzle Dimension be available on iPhone, Android, etc?

We plan to release Puzzle Dimension for iPad/iPhone, maybe Android later.

I like the music can I download it?

The official soundtrack is available from http://doctorentertainment.bandcamp.com  you decide if and how much to pay yourself.

Is your game built with game engine X or Y?

Neither. The game is built in our in-house game engine Traktor.

I am a developer - Can I license your technology?

Yes, you can get a source code license. Please contact us for details.

I write for a blogg / magazine / gamesite - Can I get a review key for the game?

Yes, contact us and we will help you.

Have Doctor Entertainment made any other games?

Yes, we are developing Gear Up a multiplayer vehicle shooter where you can build your own tanks.

My question is not answered here...

Please follow this link.


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